Digital Marketing: Expectations vs Reality

Digital Marketing has drastically changed the way all people do business. It has changed the ways in which we brand our businesses and target specific audiences. As we grow and evolve in this way, digital marketing expectations can cause many misconceptions. There is a huge difference between the expectations and reality of how we market.

Some of the expectations and reality of digital marketing are:
  • Use of same patterns in all social media
    There are numerous social media platforms out there where you can promote your business. When you want to make your presence on more than one platform, you need to respect the differences and post your content accordingly. Different age groups and other demographics are active on different channels. If you want to make more out of your content, then you should modify it as per your target audience. For example, on outlets like Instagram and Snapchat you should aim to have more creative, eclectic content for promoting your business. Whereas, on LinkedIn you should aim to be more informative and professional with the material you are sharing. You should always be mindful of the words and language you use.
  • Once you create, you are done
    There is a huge misconception out there that once you set your Google/Facebook ads or begin a marketing campaign, you will get continuous results. However, it’s not as simple as this. You have to constantly monitor the analytics of the ads by reviewing the traffic, lead generation, conversion rate etc. After carefully analysing the data, you need to work through if and what changes are required. While your ads could have given you very good results for the first few times, in the long run it is not guaranteed that the results would be same.
  • More visibility brings more leads
    Traffic is an important element to generate leads in your business. But it is important to note, the traffic you are getting to your website might not actually generating revenue for your business. Only relevant traffic coming to your website will help you generate revenue for your business. You need to look into the conversion rates; how many of your visitors are turning into your customers/clients. You might have millions of visitors on your page, but your revenue can still be zero. If you notice getting a high number of traffic but low conversion, then you can evaluate how to make your content more relevant for your audience. Driving relevant traffic to your page would be more far more beneficial.
  • Only big businesses need digital marketing
    The size of the business does not matter. If you are selling products or services, you need digital marketing. Digital Marketing helps you to establish your presence on an online market. It does not matter if your business is small or big but what matters is whether you are online or not. If anyone is interested in your products or services, it is likely they will first search your business up online to get the relevant information before committing to your products/services. That is why it is important to create your branding through an online environment.

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