Cyber Security

We are an Australian based company specialising in cybersecurity and protection. Our goal is to secure your brand against dangerous and harmful cyber threats. Our team of skilled engineers actively monitor the requests received from clients and provide updates on a real-time basis pertaining to investigations, risk mitigations, emerging threats, and security control executions. We strive to provide definite solutions to combat any phishing attacks expeditiously

1. Asset Discovery & Open Ports Check Source Code Leckage Check 
2. DNS Health Check
3. Known Vulnerabilities (Third party sources)
4. SSL Certificates Check
5. Subdomain Health check

Automated Reconnaissance

Security Check (Preventive - intrinsic)

The applicable threats and vulnerabilities that could have a direct impact on the “Confidentiality”, “Integrity”, and “Availability” of the organization’s information assets. These are like doors and windows of your house that are not secured effectively and could be used by the attacker to infiltrate your premises.

Breach Checks (Detective)

BrandSek scans the Internet and Dark Web to identify and report events that indicate the possibility of the successful breach(es) that occurred in the past and could impact the Security of the organization.

Brand Checks (Preventive - Extrinsic)

These are checks BrandSek does to identify and report risks to the organization’s brand. These include impersonation attempts on Social media or creating a duplicate website with a similar domain name. While Brand Risks, if materialized, would not directly impact the organization’s Security, they could have a severe impact on its Brand image.

DigiSec Technologies is a dynamic digital solution provider that provides global clients with excellent business-focused solutions. Interactive website designs and conversion-worthy digital marketing are all part of our web centric solutions.