We empower Clients to achieve End-to-End automation by using a Single Unique Platform aligned to all flavors of testing with “NoCode” Automation feature powered by Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
In recent times, automation has emerged as a promising solution for enterprises to acheive their business goal faster, while also keeping operational costs in check. Automation has gained prominence as the means to streamlined business processes and enhanced Return of Investments.

However, not all enterprises have had success with Automation

The term Automation is usually considered synonymous with RPA, which only automates mundane processes and covers merely 8-12% of the entire automation ecosystems.
RPA ends up becoming a costly affair for many enterprises, because a lot of RPA solution pass on Licensing costs, infrastructure costs, etc. to end users.
Several important aspects of Automation such as Functional, System, Regression, etc., are not covered in RPA; thereby forcing business to deploy multiple additional tools.
Conventional RPA tools have their own inherent limitations.

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